What are the Membership Fees?
The forum is free to all who choose to join. Once registered, members will be sent invites to events and be given access to both general and exclusive content, such as industry survey data and benchmarking white papers, and more. You may discontinue membership and opt-out of receiving forum-specific materials at any time.
How are Topics Selected?
We encourage community feedback to determine the most relevant topics. The first three topics are pre-determined to get the forum started. After, forum topics will be determined by members and participants in forum events. Content may range from general trends in automation and learnings from other industries to mortgage-specific pain points, trends, and topics.
Who Can Speak?
Anyone can submit a speaker and topic for consideration. Forum speakers may include influencers and decision-makers in mortgage, advisory, and in horizontal industries. The topic should be relevant to automation, mortgage automation, and mortgage technology. Most forums will be a panel of 3-4 speakers but on occasion, we will host debates on hot topics with one moderator and two panelists. We encourage moderators from publications, industry associations, and advisory firms. Submit a speaking proposal here
Can We Present our Solution?
While technology and automation providers are encouraged to participate and speak, the forum is a platform for discussion and collaboration. The forum is not an acceptable format for sales presentations, demos, or pitches.
I am a Competitor to Indecomm. Can I Join?
Indecomm’s goal is to provide an objective platform for discussion, debate, collaboration, and problem-solving from every angle. Competitors in automation offer a great deal of experience and knowledge that may be different than Indecomm’s. To meet this goal, we ask that competitors refrain from pitching solutions (a policy Indecomm will also adhere to) but participate with enthusiasm on topics and discussion where their expertise provides value to other members.
If I Miss a Forum, Can I Still Access the Content?
Yes! Within 24 hours of the forum, Indecomm will post the forum video and make the content available as a podcast. You can subscribe to the Genius to Genius podcasts here. We will also email you the forum webcast link so you can watch at your convenience.
What Are the Forum Ground Rules?
  • Speakers should prepare and think through their topic prior to joining the discussion so that everyone gets the most out of the forum
  • The host or moderator of the forum will be allowed to craft their own questions, however, forum organizers will provide support as needed.
  • Forum panelists should be aware that they will be seen on video cam
  • Showcasing products and services as a sales effort is not allowed. While tech user examples can be cited for the benefit of forum users, we discourage the use of promotional language related to the product or service being discussed. Please be aware that members don’t want a sales pitch. If a forum becomes a sales pitch, the presenter will not be invited to return.
  • Each forum is 45 minutes long. We will give speakers 30 minutes to discuss the topic without interruption. The last 15 minutes will encourage open discussion amongst participants with options such as chat, Q&A, or hand raise.  
  • We ask that speakers and forum members discuss topics respectfully. Challenges to an idea or statement should be debated in a courteous manner.

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